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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Imagine waking up taking a long ride to central park its ok because you're going to see some of your favorite Social media and music Stars, only to find out that they're busy, shooting a music video... and you're part of the cast, WILD ? well during the second NYC Musical.ly meet and greet Richard Ezekiel aka the popular recording artist Qeuyl treated his fans with a surprise Video shoot for his  fan appreciation single "Tinkerbells n Nevergrowns".

Tinkerbells and Nevergrowns Directed by Alex Karpenko was shot in many locations including New York Cities Famous location Central Park and features some of his famous Musical.ly friends like Maria Rengi, the Siangie Twins and Lucki Starr along with many of his fans from all over the US who came out think they were just there for a typical Meet and Greet, little did they know Qeuyl had other plans.

Qeuyl has been an underdog for quite some time, throughout his career you can tell from the beginning that he would be considered an Artist to look out for he is no way shape or form a "mediocre artist" his amazing writing ability is somewhat of a superpower. Qeuyl's songs tell a story and the sound of the music helps the listener visualize that story while Qeuyl's voice narrates it in full detail. 

in 2014 Qeuyl signed to Record Label Zazoo Records the same Recording company who gave us Martina - Baby Love and Ashley Paul - When Boys Cry and many other 80's hits. what would seem like an unlikely pairing turn out to be Magical.

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