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Good Feels at HQ HQ has been having many different visitors lately

Carson Lueders ,  was seen at Head Quarters along with muser friends Bryce Xavier, Noah Cyrus, Brooke Kier, Tati mcQuay, Melanie Wilking, Marcus & Matinus and Miranda Wilking. The gang took to Social Media to commemorate the day by sharing this image. 

" Can you say Hashtag #SquadGoals "

With the recent release of Carson's new single "Feels Good", Noah Cyrus's smash hit "Make Me (Cry)" and the growing success of Marcus & Matinus its great to see that they haven't let Stardom get to their heads and still show love and appreciation to their core fans on HQ has been having many different visitors lately from Little Mix to Amanda Cerny,

Wonder whats going on in these not so secret secret meetings, are there going to be any new features on the way?, is planning on making based shows?, did some one have a party? What do you think went down?.

Lets us know in the comments below.