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Designed by Mantler

If you not familiar with Lisa and Lena Mantler you should be, these twin sisters have used there Muser power to push to the next level. The way they teamed up together to create a very inspiring brand is somewhat iconic. with the many hats to wear you can now add designer to the

list .

The Twins just shared some exciting news – they are teaming up with H&M!

thats right the multi-billion dollar Fashion company H&M will now have some new swagg.

The 16-year-old German twin sisters shared the big announcement on their Instagram this morning with their fans.

“We’re super excited to reveal our H&M Kids capsule collection this Thursday!”

Lisa and Lena continued, telling fans just where to check out the gear:

So if you’re in Germany, Poland, East or West Coast USA just head to your nearest H&M Kids department…and no matter where else you are in the world, check it out online.

Lisa and Lena‘s capsule collection will be available for a limited time only but we are excited on the new frontier that the Twins are embarking and waiting patiently to see whats next for the new designers hopefully Fashion week runway show, whatever the girls do rest assured we at MM will be there.

Congratulations ladies.

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