• Tom Huckfin

Boys Like Gigi Cesare

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Gigi Cesare is an award winning Jill of all trades, sing, dance and act this girl can do it all.

from being in movies like Rum Runners, The kids from 62-F to being in television shows like The Black List and The story of Billy the Kid, Gigi can take on anything and you can't help but to love Gigi and apparently Boys can't either.

in here 2018 release of this spectacular display of versatility Boys Like Me. Gigi shows that when the claws come out you won't be able to resist the fierce.

Boys like me is just what the doctor ordered when you just want to cut loose and be free in your own skin

want to know more check out a sneak into Gigi Cesare's mind in our exclusive 21 Q&A

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