• Tom Huckfin

1milly D

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Comedian and actor best known for his video creations Dyvon

Dyvon has touched our hearts all over and made us all so tingly inside and out

Now with all his hard work and constant eruption to our funny bones he has finally hit 1 million fans on musical.ly and we are freaking out!! in the only Dyvon way we can

So how does the king on expressions spend his triumph by going KCon yes Dyvon took off to the most international of all the Cons and it looks like he had a blast.

Thank you Dyvon for once again showing the world that you can be anyone, go anywhere and always remember

every single day to love your self Okayyy

Congratulations Dyvon and much more success to you on your Journey We Love You.

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